Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Roman Oleh Yaworsky brings to his clients a comprehensive and deep foundation in the healing and spiritual arts, supporting their growth, healing and positive transformation.

In addition to being an energy healing practitioner and spiritual and life coach, Roman is a published author and educator.

A Background in Healing and Spiritual Coaching

• Shamanic practitioner
Initiated in the Q'ero-Inca shamanic tradition. Working directly with the luminous energy field and the energy centers of the body. Clearing, balancing and re-vitalizing the energetic system and removing deep energetic blockages and wounds.

• Resonance Repatterning®
Using advanced kinesiology, past traumas, deep seated emotional patterns and life depleting resonances are detected and their removal is supported for the client.

• Extensive training and foundation in meditation and yoga
Roman began his spiritual training at the age of 15, starting with Tibetan Buddhism. Over the last several decades, his practice has deepened with a foundation in the yoga of Kashmir Saivism and the healing and spiritual practices of western native traditions.

Master Astrologer - Healing for the spirit and soul
His new approach turns astrology into a healing system.

The new focus identifies where and how a client was held back from the full expression of their spirit and determines and provides practical means to return to center, balance and full expression.

Publications by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Being Centered TM
Being Centered TM was written to guide the reader through the direct and practical steps that can reclaim their heart and core. This book identifies how we loose connection with our own being and spirit, and provides the real actions and choices we can make that will bring us back to our true nature. Published in 2007, SpiritUnleashed TM , Miami. Currently in print.
more about Being Centered TM

The Graphic Astrologer TM
A resource for astrologers, The Graphic Astrologer TM re-established a ‘right brain’ graphical approach to the presentation and interpretation of astrological techniques. Published 1991 in Toronto. It is no longer in print.

Formal Education

Medical Illustration, B.Sc. A.A.M., University of Toronto
Biochemistry H.B.Sc., University of Western Ontario
Ontario College of Art
















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Roman Oleh Yaworsky
Master Astrologer
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Life Coach
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"I welcome the opportunity to support you in your healing, growth and becoming."

In person sessions are available for Miami and South Florida as well as out of town and international clients by phone or Skype.


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