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Most of us have had the experience where some tasks and directions seem to be effortless while other choices, even though they may seem appropriate are not as rewarding and instead tend to waste our efforts and instead get us stuck.

We are all unique not only in our experiences, but also in the patterns and tendencies with which we identify, that largely determine the choices that pull us forward or hold us back. It is to our advantage to become conscious of these tendencies as we apply them in our lives. But it is even more important to recognize what actually does work for us and what ends up working against us.

Most people choose to continue with what they are familiar with and to pour their energy and time behind what they believe they have to offer; their individual skills, what they have trained for, where they have been acknowledged, or where they sense their talents or abilities lie.

Unfortunately, what we may have come to believe are our talents or what we have to offer may have also become the problem, because it may hide what actually works better for us.

Why does this happen?

Ironically, many people do not end up going in the direction that would be most successful for them. Instead they end up doing what they got stuck doing. Perhaps the direction they wished to go did not seem to open up, or they felt they were not ready. Perhaps the skill sets that got rewarded were useful to others. Perhaps the education or training they received had a lot to do with their parent’s wishes or the opinions of others at the time.

Many people are not sure what the right path is for them, and they simply drift. Unfortunately, when you don’t know the right path for you, then more often then not, you end up supporting others in moving forward, while keeping yourself in a holding pattern.

Its time to get unstuck

To get unstuck we have to re-align in the way that we interact with the world that promotes our most optimal stance. At Energy Healing Miami, we can help you determine what that optimal stance is for you. We can can provide the practical steps that promote the most effective choices and paths for your success. We can help you get unstuck!

















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Step up to become who you were meant to be.

Life Direction Coaching at Energy Healing Miami can point you in the right direction,

and reveal your key to success.

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