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Our Coaching and healing staff offer a unique window from which to support their clients' creative breakthroughs:

They have successfully integrated their coaching and healing practice combining their extensive training in Eastern, Western and Indigenous energy medicine with their own personal experience in the creative arts. Each have made their own successful breakthroughs as creative professionals in their own right.

Susana Sorí, is an acclaimed healer, life coach and energy medicine practitioner who adds her depth of experience both as a graphic artist who has won awards and acclaim for her innovative work at the Miami Herald and as owner and manager of Sorí & Associates.

Susana has taught Creative Expression as an adjunct professor at Florida International University and has been an invited professor to teach at the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Susana Sori is also a successful exhibiting artist, who's work has  been shown internationally and has been part of several major collections. She has been an Oscar B. Cintas Fellow since 1981.

Roman Oleh Yaworsky is a coach and educator who has created a number of ground breaking workshops and draws from a wide breath of experiences as an art director, photographer, computer programmer, healer and illustrator.

He is also a published author. His latest book, Being Centered is an original and innovative approach to healing that takes a new direction in revealing the path towards integration and wholeness.

Working both independently and as a team, they have been able to help people reconnect to their creative core directly and release those obstacles or experiences that have challenged that connection.


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Our team has had great success supporting breakthroughs with:

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