Rites & Ceremonies

The shamanic arts include profound and beautiful ceremonies that support our growth and transformation at various times in our lives. Each ceremony brings us towards harmony and into relation with the universe, with our past and future, and establishes us in the present moment.

Fire Ceremonies

Fire Ceremonies present the opportunity to regain our connection to our heart and to timelessness, the place of healing. It is why we are attracted to the fire - it reminds us of the spontaneity revealed within our own heart.

At the shamanic level, the fire ceremony presents us with an opportunity for positive shift. It is a way to connect and to speak to the universal heart and to direct our offerings to spirit and to our ancestors.


Despachos are very powerful prayer bundles that address the direction we wish to proceed to move forward, or to help us release past influences that have been holding us back. These prayer bundles re-address our relationship with the universe, our past, present and future. Part of the profoundness of participating in a Despacho, is the way it pulls us into the experience of being in the moment, the place of healing and transformation.

The 9 Rites of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru

The original 9 Rites in the Quechau language of the Peruvian Shamans. These rites are administered in their original form. They include Healer Rites, the Bands of Power, Harmony Rites, Seer Rite, Daykeeper Rite, Wisdom Keeper Rite, Earth Keeper Rite, Star Keeper Rite and Creator Rite.

These rites have been handed down through the millennia, both as keys and initiations supporting our journey towards our integration and our becoming.

Rites of Passage and Support for the Final Journey

Assistance and support is offered for people in the process of passage, both in helping them let go of unresolved issues and bringing them closer to the experience from the place of spirit.

Assistance is offered in the weeks before and after death and during passage. That aid and support is extended to the dying person’s loved ones to actively and lovingly support this important process of final transition.

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