Hatha Yoga, Movement and Breath Work

For millennia, energetic blockages, postural dynamics and postural imbalances have been addressed using Hatha Yoga posture and breathing exercises.

Hatha Yoga is much more than just asanas and postures. It holds the key to shifting and improving the way that our energy moves at many levels. It can also be used to address the ways that we tend to hold on to past wounds and disharmonies experiences in our posture, the way we move and how we approach new experiences.

Our team has a profound depth of experience in Hatha yoga, alignment of asanas, movement and breath work, laying the foundation for working with you in supporting your positive shift.

Susana Sori has an extensive background in training, certifying and supporting Hatha Yoga Teachers. Her familiarity with the deep process of hatha yoga has enabled her to support clients and students in applying the modalities of Hatha Yoga at the physical, energetic and spiritual levels.

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Hath Yoga and Breath Work at Energy Healing Miami

Hatha Yoga holds the key to shifting and improving our inner and outer posture and improving the way our energy moves at many levels.






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