Soul Retrieval

The Soul Retrieval is truly a beautiful shamanic art: that of recovering the essential self that has been lost as a result of stress, pain or trauma.

From these types of discordant experiences. some of the soul energies are fragmented, dispersed or denied.

A Soul Retrieval, when performed by a qualified practitioner, can be life transforming; bringing a client closer to wholeness and to their soul's promise.

Stepping outside of ordinary time

On the client’s behalf, the practitioner journeys into the subtle realms that hold those separations; the domain of the client’s shadow.

There, the practitioner encounters the outdated promises and old soul contracts that may still be binding. It is here that the deeper wounds, compromises and concessions from this life and beyond are revealed.

Healing the wounds from the past that derailed a greater destiny

The shamanic practitioner can help the client reintegrate their core spirit energy back into the present, regaining the joy, power and trust that may have been lost to the past.

A Soul Retrieval can help bring the client back on track, towards wholeness and their greater destiny.


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