Life Coaching

Individual Life Coaching

At Energy Healing Miami, we offer a wide range of life coaching options to suit your needs and focus.

We are unique in being able to support your progress and life goals with modalities for change from Energy Medicine, Resonance Repatterning®, yoga, shamanic healing and corporate coaching.

We also have a depth of experience that extends our range all the way from coaching individuals to couples, groups, management and working teams.

Let's work together towards your successful becoming.

Our life coaching specialties include:

Life Direction
Goal setting
Creative solutions
Coaching for writers, musicians and the visual arts
Individual Processes for Change
Resonance Repatterning® for individuals and couples
Energy Medicine
Personality Assessment
Challenges and Talents
Releasing Blocks and Negative Patterns
Astrological Coaching

Couples and Families Life Coaching

We are equally at ease helping couples and families move forward together, towards their goals,  and towards improving their communication, energy, enthusiasm and trust.

Coaching for Groups and Management

Take your group, department or corporation to the next level. Improve the dynamics and effectiveness of your teams. We are experienced in helping you move towards positive changes in real time.

We are established in process that can resolve conflicts with communication, task resolution, relationships and the dynamics of working groups. We are also able to support individuals in their communication style and the layout and effectiveness of the presentation media.
















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At Energy Healing Miami, we focus on your success.

We evaluate the most optimal way we can support you.

Working together with you to chose what suits your unique skills and vision.

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