Resonance Repatterning®

Positive shift for individuals and couples and groups

Also known as Holographic Repatterning®, this system is a very effective process to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation.

When this process is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, you can finally release the energetic constrictions that have been holding you back from your goals, dreams, successes, great relationships, happiness, self-confidence and joy.

Through a process of applied kinesiology and an intricate and unique diagnostic system, the nature of our blocks and where they tend to be held in our system is revealed. Once the issues are identified, positive change is facilitated through a shift in the way we hold and release these impressions.

This system has clear advantages over many other interventions, because does engage blame or seek fault that may cloud the opportunity for healing.

For couples, it can significantly help in improving communication and openness. It supports the release of the non coherent patterns that block the optimal dynamics of a relationship.

It is equally effective for groups and organizations, which can begin to hold tendencies and bad habits in similar ways to individuals. The Resonance Repatterning® system is very useful in both identifying these patterns and as a tool for their release. By not focusing on blame or what went wrong, it more effectively focuses on what needs to be shifted to make things right.

This system can significantly help in improving the dynamics of group relations and their productivity. It is non invasive, does not require background information or interviews, and for all practical purposes begins to show positive results in the first meeting.

Most clients, both individuals, couples or groups, experience a release of issues that have been holding them back, with dramatic progress, even from one session.

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The interaction of waves, image detail, copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Image detail from The Interaction of Waves, copyright © 2011, Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Resonance Repatterning ®  takes advantage of the latest developments in quantum theory and the way we tend to hold on to any negative effects of our past experiences.

It allows our own energetc field to determine both the place that needs healing, and the way to best proceed for each client.

Susana Sorí is has been successfully applying the Resonance Repatterning ® technique with her clients and in her workshops in Miami and internationally for over a decade.






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