Being Centered

by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Excerpt from the Prologue

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"There are two directions for healing. One direction asserts the need for an individual to learn to adapt or to become whole within the framework of their society. The other, establishes the need for the individual to find their unique self before re-entering the society. In many ways the former is the standard of modern cultures, the latter of more primitive or indigenous cultures.

Modern culture has for the most part condemned the primitive or indigenous, but the individual needs to be warned that they will eventually die alone, that life is both an individual experience and ultimately a primal if not intrinsically primitive situation that has been tampered with by culture. The path of adaptation is artificial; the path of re-connection is vital and very real. Often the choice is made, as with most things in life, on the basis of fear and ignorance of one’s true nature, and a life lived from fear, has really not been lived at all.

For the individual that seeks to be free, to act out of their core and out of their true nature, the experience of many of the modern processes for healing the soul have often been very disappointing. Instead of help in freeing themselves of the entanglements from which they may seek refuge, more often than not, they may find themselves processed and entangled in the beliefs of their counselors. In a sense people come to escape the game that they have been caught in, and instead of freedom, they end up being asked to adapt to the counselor’s game.

Why does this happen? Why is the inner journey ignored? Part of the answer lies in the widespread belief that a child starts out wild, and needs to be socialized in order to become a true human being. Otherwise they are a wolf-child, a wild child, and therefore a burden to society. There is also the sense of the child as being born in sin, and that they need to be saved, taught, disciplined or broken in, in order to fully function.

What is often disregarded is that children are reaching out from their own unique spirit and heart in expressing love and seeking to share and to belong. We are amazed by the incredible pace at which infants progress towards their own understanding, and towards communicating and affecting their world.

At some stage, often as soon as we can, we take it upon ourselves to affect the infant’s progress and leave our own mark on it. At first it is simple, like getting their attention and response or getting them to utter the sounds and words that we want to hear. Later, it becomes more complex and intimidating, as we insist that they perceive the world the way we want them to, and we are willing to punish them when they assert their own ways of being.

For the most part, the education that children get, either from their parents or from the society through their parents, peers and teachers, is about adapting rather than encouraging. It is about wrapping them in the swaddling clothes that makes them manageable; controllable and vessels in which to fill the continuance of the culture. The sense of the individual with their own rights and needs is a very modern phenomenon, and so as a culture we may accept this more enlightened concept, but for the most part we continue with the old ways of bringing children up, as we were brought up. That way does not encourage a child to be centered.

In order to break this spell, we need to wake up to our experience of life through our hearts, soul and spirit. This book is a journey towards that heart. It is a journey I have taken and it is a journey that I now share. It is a journey towards being centered."

Roman Oleh Yaworsky

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Being Centered by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, a guide to inner healing

A sample of reviews:

 "Ultimately, BEING CENTERED encourages us to look more closely at our own lives and behaviors, to recognize where we have lost our balance in our efforts to achieve the kind of spiritual fulfillment that brings life its greatest joy, . . . The book is clearly written and easy to follow: profound but not abstract. " Being Centered review 1more

"Roman Yaworsky's broad and extensive knowledge of things scientific, astrological, and metaphysical makes this book rich in perspectives I've never before considered in all my years of psychological and spiritual exploration." Being Centered review 2more

This is the BEST book on self healing I have ever come across!

It should be on everybody's desk.

It explained things no other book has ever touched on.

The chapter that defines the differences between feelings and emotions - BRILLIANT! It as changed the way I approach people.

Fantastic book! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Being Centered Review 3more

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