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The Nature and Influence of the Chakras 

The Energetic Basis of Our Physical and Emotional Well Being

with Roman Oleh Yaworsky 

A Four week Wednesday Evening Workshop Series
April 1 - April 22, 2015

6:30 - 9:30 pm, Miami Beach FL 

12 CEUs for qualifying healing professionals

A Weekend Intensive
May 16, 17, 2015

9:30 am - 6:00 pm, Miami Beach FL


16 CEUs for qualifying healing professionals

The Nature and Influence of the Chakras, workshop, image copyright 2011 Roman Oleh Yaworsky    

This workshop has been approved for 12 or 16 CEUs for LMTs, CSW, as well as Marriage & Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling & Licensed Midwives, Psychologists also qualify, SpiritUnleashed TM Provider #50-12290
$25 additional fee for SpiritUnleashed TM to directly process your CE units with CE Broker.


This workshop introduces you to the two chakra systems.
One chakra system is intrinsically a spiritual journey back to source.
The other chakra system is the key to our healing, inspiration and inner knowing.

In this unique workshop, Roman Oleh Yaworsky integrates an understanding of both systems and their influence in our lives. This workshop will give you practical understanding and hands-on experience of your chakras and energy field, so that you can begin to access these seven profound places of knowing.

The Nature and Influence of the Chakras addresses our stance in the world from the perspective of our energy and reveals the effect the chakras have on the way we feel on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the chakra system as it is presented with emphasis to practical application in your life. It removes much of the confusion and bias that is encountered in today’s literature, and makes the chakras more assessable, hands on, personal and experiential. Using illustrations especially created for this class, the relationships of the chakras to the body and its dynamics will be explored.

For those seeking deeper knowledge and are on the spiritual path, this workshop will help bridge the practical application of the chakra system into your everyday life. It will introduce you to the way your body, energetic fields and the chakra system holds and stores your emotions and past impressions and how this influences your body, the choices you make, and even your destiny.

For those in the healing professions, the knowledge and insights will help you become more aware of your own dynamics. The practical instructions will show you the ways to clear the residue of past impressions and guide you in moving forward in your choices. This workshop is a great foundation to aid you in your own healing, and to apply that knowledge to support your clients in theirs.

Become more aware of the energetic interactions with others and ways to protect and maintain your energy and state.

This workshop will cover:

•  What the chakras are
•  Where they are located
•  The detailed relationships with the parts of the body
•  How to feel and sense the chakras
•  Using your own chakras as tools for knowing
•  The interaction of your hands with the chakras
•  The effects of interacting with another person’s field
•  Protecting yourself while working with a client's field
•  The anatomical, physiological and subtle basis of the chakras
•  The interaction of the chakras to each other
•  A detailed overview of the main 7 chakras
•  The lesser chakras and their role in healing
•  Energetic interactions between yourself and others
•  How the chakras store our impressions
•  How the stored impressions are released
•  Strengthening the chakras

For more information and registration: continuing education at Spirit Unleashed (TM)

Catch Roman speaking about the chakras Roman speaking on YouTubeat YouTube 

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