Energy Healing Miami

We offer in person energy healing, shamanic and life coaching sessions in Miami and South Florida, as well as sessions by phone.

We are pleased to offer Miami and South Florida a unique nexus of support for your healing, well being and success.

We bring together the Shamanic arts from the Inca traditions of the High Andes, the energy healing practices that are steeped in the traditions of yoga, and the transformative Spirit and Soul work of western traditions.

We are a unique blend of life coaches and energy medicine practitioners who are expert at traditional counseling methods, life coaching and deep soul work on one hand, and expert practitioners of energy medicine, shamanic healing and alternative healing and spiritual support on the other.

Combining inner spiritual work, life coaching, shamanic healing and energy medicine.

Part of the depth of our offering is that we have personal experience and a practical foundation from which to support your process. Our support and healing integrate the inner spiritual journey from the standpoint of the great traditions with the healing of the energy body from the standpoint of energy medicine.

Our combined backgrounds include a spiritual and experiential knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Kashmir Shaivism, Hatha Yoga, Western Spiritual Traditions, Spiritual Astrology, the Shamanic Healing and Luminous Healing of the Inca tradition of the high Andes and many of the spiritual and healing ways of the Native Americas.

Our life coaching clients include individuals, couples, groups, executives and corporations.

We are experts at life coaching not only for individuals, but also for couples and families. Our clients come from a wide range of professions and backgrounds.

We have effectively extended our life coaching to include executives, working groups and corporations by integrating our management and group process experience with energy healing and shamanic healing work.

Innovative workshops, courses and publications, bridging spirituality, energy healing and personal growth.

We are proud to offer an expanding series of workshops focusing on healing, spirituality and shamanism in partnership with SpiritUnleashedTM
Powerful LightTM.

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Some of our Integrated Support and Offerings:

Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine

Miami in-person, internationally by phone

Chakra Clearing

Working with the Luminous energy field, we offer Chakra Clearing, Realignment, Healing and Balancing.

Meditation and Spiritual Support

Mediation instruction and support, spiritual counseling and coaching and spiritual awakening support.

Movement, Yoga and Breath Work

Extensive support for the shamanic practices of yoga, asana, the yoga of movement, inner and outer human energy field and balancing of prana.

Resonance Repatterning ® 

Originally Holographic Repatterning ® is an advanced healing and discovery system that identifies where you hold discordant resonances and wounds and offers modalities for healing.

The Release of Past Issues

Past Issues Release and Energy Healing for individuals, couples and groups..

Recovering from Bereavement and Loss

We can help you release and recover from the effects of bereavement, loss and relationship break-ups.

Job Stress

Releasing the cumulative effects of job stress, over stimulation of fight-flight and burn out.

Energetic Recovery

Dramatically reduce, shorten and release the effects of energy draining experiences and  shocks.

Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Support

Miami in-person, internationally by phone

We offer a full compliment of the Shamanic arts established in the the native traditions of North and South America, including Soul Retrieval, Healing the Energy Body and  Illumination.

Divination and Destiny Retrieval
Illuminating your choices and positive changes from the place  of timelessness, spirit and soul.

Extraction of Negative Influences
The shamanic arts offers healing ways to help remove emotional patterns and wounds that have settled in your system as well as negative influences you may have absorbed through experiences or your interaction with others.

Rites of Passage
Handed down authority for the Installation of the nine Inca Rites in the original form and Quechua language.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies
Sacred fire ceremonies are available for your home or location.

Past Life Issues Release
Release of patterns and energy draining tendencies that are rooted in past life experiences. 

Life Coaching & Life Direction

Miami in-person, internationally by phone

We offer an integrated approach to Life Coaching and Life Direction Coaching that draws on our energy healing and spiritual coaching backgrounds.

Life Coaching

We partner with you to help you move forwards towards your goals and success. Monthly packages are available. We are modular in approach in that each of our sessions is designed to shift you forward

Life Direction

Life Direction Coaching identifies what are the most optimal directions and choices to support your growth and success.

Life Coaching for Writers, Musicians. Performers and the Visual Arts.

We offer a combined experience in both Life Coaching and our own professional experience in the creative and performing arts.

Astrological Life Coaching

Astrology offers invaluable understanding and an energetic map of where you are and where you are going,  that can greatly accelerate your coaching experience.



Energy Awareness TM
For people Who Help People
Especially created to help and support members of the healing profession that are at risk of absorbing the energetics of their clients, this workshop will help everyone stay centered and maintain their good energy in today's challenging times. Energy Awareness workshop in MiamiMore information

The Greatest Journey
Learn the the healing ways of a true friend in supporting another going through transition. This workshop, designed by the Institute for Energy Medicine teaches the practical and healing modalities available to support the dying and their families.
The Geatest Journey workshop, MiamiMore information

The Nature and Influence of the Chakras TM
The Energetic Basis of Our Physical and Emotional Well Being.
The chakra system is the most subtle and important in our energetic anatomy. This two day workshop is an experiential and practical introduction to using and accessing the chakras in your daily life. We normally offer this workshop twice a year. Miami Beach FL. 
The Chakra CourseMore information

The Foundations of Spiritual Astrology
An introduction to Using Astrology in Your Life
Astrology is a formidable system of knowledge, prediction and insight that bridges our inner reality with the world that we experience. This workshop series establishes a strong foundation from which to use astrology's insights in your life, relationships and career.  The Chakra CourseMore information

Free Your Destiny TM
Move Beyond Your Fate
Many of us get caught in the patterns and behaviors that contribute to our fate. And we confuse the paths that take us towards our destiny and those that continue to hold us back. This workshop will help you make those important decisions in your life.

This workshop addresses a powerful and practical key to turning your life around at the level of fate and destiny. Free Your Destiny workshop, MiamiMore Information

Transforming Times: Healing Passages TM
Pivotal Moments in Our Lives, Relationships and Careers.
All of us share transformative times in our lives. Some we experience as a life crisis. Others are gates of passage that delineates phases of our growth and integration into society. Unfortunately, for most of us, there is not much guidance to support our becoming. This workshop addresses what we need to know in order to make our great leaps forward.

This workshop reveals the key transformative understanding and the hidden gifts behind the major moments that we all share. Miami Beach FL
Transforming Times (TM) Course in MiamiMore Information

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, we invite you to contact us or
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We welcome the opportunity to help you move forward towards your greater becoming.

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